Can Custom Electric Heating Film be Used in Greenhouse?

Custom Electric Heating Film Used in Greenhouse

Electric heating films have been successfully used for heating in agricultural vegetable greenhouses and breeding nurseries. They have found applications in various fields both domestically and internationally, serving as exceptional heating elements with outstanding characteristics.

In areas of the greenhouse without electric heating films, the temperature remains at 18 degrees Celsius, while the sections with the electric heating film can reach a soil temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. The crops in the areas with the electric heating film exhibit superior root development and more robust growth on the ground compared to the control group.

The flexibility of control is a significant advantage of using electric heating films for greenhouse heating. The heating temperature can be easily adjusted, providing convenience and saving labor costs during nighttime monitoring.

With the ability to adjust the heating temperature freely, electric heating films prevent economic losses caused by sudden drops in outdoor temperatures, thus achieving efficient temperature control.

Custom Electric Heating Film

The enhanced root development resulting from using electric heating films allows the seedlings to be directly transplanted outdoors. Compared to coal-fired heating, using electric heating films enables seedlings to be harvested 10-15 days earlier, reducing the growth period and increasing agricultural output.

Overall, adopting custom electric heating films in greenhouses proves to be a fruitful investment with significant benefits, offering efficient temperature regulation, improved crop growth, and increased agricultural productivity.

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